About OnStar

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OnStar phone application
OnStar Remotelink

The RemoteLink allows you to connect to your vehicle from almost anywhere. The basic plan provides a powerful connection to your vehicle to perform multiple tasks such as locking and unlocking the door, managing your WiFi Hotspot, to start and stop the vehicle and also to control the horn and lights. This is all possible through your mobile device and the OnStar RemoteLink mobile application.

Turn by Turn directions:

The mobile application is user friendly and allows you to do the things you would require on your Journey. The connectivity and feasibility allows you to get turn by turn directions on the dash's navigation display, once you select the address on your mobile device.

WiFi Connectivity and 4G LTE:

The mobile application gives your the ability to control your vehicle's built-in WiFi Hotspot with the 4G LTE management feature(if equipped). You could also check your data plan and usage details from your mobile device.

Real Time Vehicle Information:

Get real-time fuel information, including the gallons of gas remaining and the MPG with the RemoteLink application. Also, get details about the vehicle's oil life, tire pressure and other account information. The application gives you the ability to pin point the location of your vehicle on the map.